Professional Development 1: Ernst & Young Executive Visit – Ken Bouyer

The professional development event that I attended was the Ernst & Young Executive Visit. The speaker of the event was Ken Bouyer, Ernst & Young’s America’s Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting. The event was on September 25, 2013 and was held in Bartley 1011. 

The presentation was primarily anchored by the idea of the necessity of having a global mindset in today’s world. Bouyer explained this idea by applying it to the college experience and what he wished he knew as a freshman. In order to begin to have a global mindset, one must understand that there is a world outside of campus. The college experience is the time to make connections with others from different cultures or countries. By doing so, one cements their global mindset and is one step closer to being an inclusive leader. But in doing all this, the college experience shouldn’t be taken for granted; Bouyer says, “You shouldn’t be happy just to be here”. One should strive for excellence during their time at college by being more involved on campus, getting work experience, and forming bonds with faculty.

Before attending the event, I thought the event was going to be a typical business lecture about planning for after graduation. But after attending the event, I would say that the event was more helpful than I had thought because the main focus was broad. The main topic of having a global mindset, applied to a very broad audience rather than just business people. I thought the idea of how to obtain a global mindset was made more understandable by applying it to a college experience.  And although there was an emphasis on global mindset throughout, the last topic he discussed especially resonated with me. Bouyer talked about striving for excellence in college and gaining experience in all forms. I thought this was important because in the college environment there seems to be a competitive edge in what type of experience is achieved. But having experience in a variety of fields offers a multitude of difference perspectives. I will most certainly take his advice to heart as I finish my college years at Villanova. 


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